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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Earthquake had us Swaying like on a Swing Jan. 4

Last night at midnight we felt a good Earthquake.  Bryan was still down stair at the kitchen table reading by Coleman lamp.  He yelled up to Vikki (who'd just gotten into bed) "Earthquake!!!!" 
Then Vikki could feel the bed gently rocking back and forth.  Bryan yelled up... "I am rocking 6" each way like a pendulum.  It was more violent at first but continued on for a good minute.  No rattling of dishes etc... the whole cabin just rocked back and forth.  Ishi started to bark.  Hannah was making funny noises also. 
On the computer just now vikki got the following information.
It was a 7.7  Earthquake   6.2 miles Deep
55. 238 degrees N   134. 777 degrees W
Located 335 km  (208 Miles) S. of Juneau, Alaska
Located 303 km (188 Miles)  WNW of Prince Rupert, BC


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