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Monday, January 21, 2013

Scandic 800 SWT Injectors??? Chip cord and Dime

Bryan changed the Fuel Line assembly and it made no difference to the Scandic's performance.  He says it is slightly missing.  Also the machine used to push ahead when you gave it more gas.  Now he says it just goes at one speed.  He thinks it might need new injectors.  
Now here's an interesting thing to know.  Steve has a Scandic 800 SWT.  He had to park it and so he took out the chip cord and put it in his pocket.  When he returned he put the chip back onto the machine and the silly thing would not start.  He fooled around for a couple of hours trying to fiqure it out.  By chance he looked into the chip cord end and there was a dime from his pocket.  His machine started right up.  
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