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Saturday, January 19, 2013

All of Us Off to the Inklin Line Cabin

Plus 4 C.  Bee's in her little carrying case, then put in a cloth shopping bag and then into a clear plastic over cover and then finally strapped onto the tundra with padding underneath.  The chickens are on their own for a few days.
We're all out of here.  This warm weather is letting us all leave without worry of the place freezing up. 

Bryan gave a thumbs up....   look closely at the above picture.

Grizzly Bear Tracks Out in mid January...

 Trip is 14 kms.  There were two small avalanches on the Inklin Cliff pass which it took 1/2 an hour to shovel away so that we could pass.  This mild weather has it's drawbacks.  We came across day old Grizzly tracks just in front of the cabin.  Bryan speculated that it might be a 4 year old on it's own for the first winter and what ever spot it picked for a den it could wet and came out. 
Lots of Moose browse sign


  1. Wow, good trip and I'll bet Hannah loved it!

    So good to see her out again


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