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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bush Camp Mouse Traps

This was sent to us by one of our loyal Followers... 
We used to get Mazola cooking oil in cans and the handles were crosswise on the top.  Dad took one and cut the top off.  He cut about a two inch strip, lengthwise out of the top which included the handle.  He cut one end of the strip a little shorter than the other.  He soldered the top of the handle upside down on one end of the can so the tin strip could pivot on the handle with the short end out over the open can.  He would bait this end but we found we didn't need even to do that.  He would set the can on the floor or counter up against something the mice could climb up to get onto the tin strip. 
When they walked out on the tin strip, it would over balance and they would drop into the can. Even though the can was only about a foot high, they couldn't jump out of it.  
Now thinking about it, you could use one of those camp fuel can handles the same way.  Just screw another strip of tin or a stick onto it crosswise.  You can put bait either on the stick or in the can.  I imagine that a deer mouse could jump out of it though.  Or you could use a piece of stovepipe or two cans fastened together, end to end to make it deeper.  The tin or stick though, should be balanced just enough to swing back up into the horizontal position, so the mouse couldn't be able to jump and grab a hold of it and it is ready for the next mouse.
You have to work the handle enough, so that the tin pivots easily and will come back to the horizontal.  Mice are very curious and will run out onto the tin with or without bait.  Bait in the can will make them even more curious to see if they can get it.
(Now Bryan would laugh at the next sentence but Vikki left it out.  She likes her Cat and it already has lots of fun.... thank you)
I also used to go to the rail yard and sweep grain out of boxcars for chicken feed.  I had an old ten gallon barrel with one end cut out of it.  It was in a shed and there was a little grain left in the bottom.  I found mice trapped in there too.  They again, couldn't jump out.  "Build a Better Mousetrap"   Ha Ha.
From us.   Thanks for the contribution.  We also use a big white 5 gallon bucket.  Lay a thin stick or branch with a opened tin can threaded thru the stick.  Put some peanut butter on the tin can.  Put the white bucket up near something that they travel on.  They walk out on the stick and jump on the tin can which rolls, tipping them into the bucket.   Bought Mice Traps are only good for one catch and have to be emptied.  They are no good for a cabin left for months and months at a time.  

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  1. A guy I once knew used his old console TV and a very touchy four inch tall figure-four trigger! (So he SAID.)


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