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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Second Day Out at the Inklin camp

We always tarp up the skidoos.  In the morning it makes it so easy to get going.  By the way, the idea about using Kerosene on the bottom of the toboggan works wonders.  It slides anywhere and does not collect the packed snow.  Thank you George.

Bryan put on his hip wader's and walked up the side channel and found a bank Beaver den.  He set a dive pole set with a 330 Coniber.  The rest of the day he spent skinning out the Wolf while Vikki cleaned up the Inklin cabin.  The mice own this cabin most of the year.  It was built by a couple of Europeans who didn't really know about putting in backing before sheeting the walls.  Even a squirrel can move the walls to get in.

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