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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Trappers Shoot Grizzly.... Alaska

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Now in Canada we do not have an open season on Grizzly Bears anytime of the year.  There is a Limited Entry Draw for each individual small area.  Each area is monitored and permits allowed after great consideration.  There are estimated to be about 15,000 to 17,000 Grizzly Bears in B.C. alone. The Yukon has an estimate of 6,000. Alberta has them. They are now moving into northern Manitoba, giving the Polar Bear a run for the money.  Most areas have no Grizzly Bear shooting except in extreme circumstances where life and limb are involved.  In our area where we trap there is the possibility of being successful in obtaining a Limited Entry Draw.  We always send in the Entries and have been successful 4 out of the 6 years.  We keep that permit as insurance encase of terrible trouble but so far the great Bears and we have been able to allow each other lots of room and respect. 
It is a big nightmare to think of coming face to face with a Grizzly out on the trap line.  Our trails are so confining that there would be no chance of going around.  And backing up would be a problem.  We only carry a .22 in the winter.  
About 4 years ago Bryan came across Grizzly tracks in mid Dec.  He said it looked like a giant bowling ball had crossed his trap line trail, 3 feet wide and smooth.  He didn't go back up there for about 2 weeks.  


  1. I would have to agree that they took the appropriate preventative measures to ensure their safety. Bryan did too. Different circumstnces.

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  3. Submitting by Patrick. To me, it sounds like the trappers gave little consideration to avoiding the area or simply giving the bear a little more time to den. they could have accommodated its needs instead of only thinking of themselves.
    If you behaved that way out at your lake in the fall you would be going around shooting dozens of bears because you would not want them to surprise you.
    I wonder if they had a tag for a bear or if they are subsistence hunters. It all sounds pretty lame to me.

  4. Sorry Patrick... I don't like to have the lake named in the blog. There are some crazy people out there.
    I think I agree with you. I kind of felt sorry for that old bear.


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