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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Checking the Inklin Line

Bryan uses a 3 lb mallet to loosen ice off running boards.  Ishi is not leaving "Miss Piggy"  Once or twice when the conditions have been too poor she has had to stay home for the 3 or 4 days.  So she is always very nervous and ready to go.

 Vikki is going part way and returning by herself..   When first warming up the Tundra 300 she puts a little sliver of wood to keep the throttle a little on.
Because the windshields on the Skidoos are so low, we clip on clear plastic Plexiglas to cut the wind.

 See the Lynx tracks and the Rabbit tracks.
 Lots of Marten sign.  They are moving in from the high Mountains.  Not as much pitch on these newest arrivals.

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  1. Did you ever figure out a way to get the pitch out of the fur?


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