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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fox Trapping, and handling Fur

 Fox's are caught in almost any set.  We have caught them in horizontal Marten sets,  and Wolverine sets.  They are a scavenger and are not a weary as a Wolf.  
This one was caught in a 1100 Savage in a Wolverine box set.
The pulley system raises the Fox up after it is caught to keep damage to the fur down.  If you look up Wolverine in Labels it might show the set.  If not definitely will be on the old blog.
 This fox is not like the Red Fox back east.  The Silver's and the Red's mate and crosses occur.  
After the pelt has dried inside out for the night you need to run a little snow on your hands and turn the pelt fur side out.

After brushing, give several taps to make the fur get loaf.. 

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  1. I went two years without catching fox dependably, then it seemed that something clicked and it got much easier. Most folks down here use wire forms, but I preferred wood. Nice job (but then you knew that)! ;-)

  2. I'm curious about your comment about crosses. We have red and grey fox in MN but the grey are small, about the size of big cats and pretty nocturnal as opposed the the red which are daytime hunters. I'm not aware of crosses here.

  3. We used to see the odd red fox here in Prince George until we started seeing black ones. Now a red one is very rare. We have solid black with a white tipped tail, silver and various mixtures of those colours. Some even have a bit of red in them. They're all over town.


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