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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Quad Tub Trailer

This tough quad trailer is so handy.  We had to take it apart to get in the DeHavilland Beaver but it is easy to put together again.  Bryan also takes it apart and has made up plugs to go into the drilled holes so he can use it to thaw out frozen Wolves. He drags the Tub into his skinning shed and fills it part way with cool water, then lowers the Wolf into it.  He has a pulley system to raise the wolf so that it can drain.  Then uses a bucket to take out the water.  
We use this for Firewood, gravel, garden dirt, getting rid of the cut down tall grass that has to be kept cut so the electric fence works.   It is a real tough work horse.
Tom says they are available at Costco right now for 389.00  Canadian Made...  Get one, you'll be happy.   
Lea moved up into 2nd place last night.  Now move her into First.   Push the red heart on the right and it will say Thank You. 

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  1. I guess if you think of the snow machine as the sled dogs, that makes the "trailer" your sled.


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