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Friday, December 28, 2012

Taking Water Pump Apart, Water, Bunny Boots

Bryan tackled the leaky water pump.  He figures he has enough parts.  While doing that he also wants to clean out the well.  Monday is suppose to warm up so that will be the day.  Til then he collected ice and went and filled up all the water containers.  He is off tomorrow to check Walkers Valley line with Ishi.  He'll push the trail further and put out more boxes and be back Dec 31 in the morning.

 It's a Japanese log chisel wired onto a sturdy stick for opening a ice hole and the sieve is to get the slush out of the hole.

 Bunny Boots

These are warm, warm boots made in Canada.  There is a big layer of air around the foot and lots of insulation underneath.  We have had them for 4 years and have never used them much.  For trail building we never could keep the snow from going into the top.  Bryan is going to try duct tape tomorrow. 


  1. The secret to happy deep snow use of bunny boots is to use a gaiter with them. Either ragular GoreTex types (Outdoor Research crocodiles) ot better yet are the Neoprene gaiters used with wading boots. You can get them through Cabelas or fly fishing specialty shops.
    Happy trailbreaking.

  2. had to do that with a pump for an irrigation system fed from a lake. even though I've got a mesh filter it still seems to clog up .had the motor overheat a couple of times. hope all is well ken k. vikki always look forword to see what dishes you are putting together .they look great.


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